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Contact The Nature Conservancy staff in Montana.
32 S. Ewing, Suite 215, Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 406-443-0303
FAX: 406-443-8311

Richard Jeo, State Director, 406-465-1329

Mark Aagenes, Director of External Affairs, 406-443-6724
David Carr, Director of Protection, 406-443-6726
Jennie Corley, Executive Assistant/Trustee Liaison, 406-443-6734
Whitney Daniel, Director of Operations, 406-443-6742
Erin Hendel, Development Writer, 406-495-2267
Alison James, Associate Director of Philanthropy, 406-495-2265
Kaylee Kenison, Operations Coordinator, 406-443-6741
Nathan Korb, Montana Freshwater Director, 406-495-2261
Greg Lambert, Conservation Transaction Manager, 406-495-2266
Brian Martin, Montana Grasslands Conservation Director, 406-443-6733
Gail Moser, Donor Relations Coordinator, 406-443-6728
Sara Owen, Operations Assistant, 406-443-6725
Amy Pearson, GIS Analyst, 406-443-6753
Debra Sattler, Donor Relations Manager, 406-443-6730
Rebecca Snider, Conservation Coordinator, 406-443-6731


40 E. Main Street, Suite 200, Bozeman, MT 59715
Phone: 406-586-2781
Fax: 406-586-9483

Sierra Harris, Freshwater Conservation Project Manager, 406- 602-4148
Sally Schrank, Director of Development, 406-582-5764

409 North Piegan Street, Suite 203, Browning, MT 59417

Phone: 406-450-8240

Dylan DesRosier, Blackfeet Reservation Land Protection Specialist


P.O. Box 825, Choteau, MT 59422

Phone: 406-466-5299
Fax: 406-466-3050

Dave Hanna, Crown of the Continent Director of Science & Stewardship


Pine Butte Swamp Preserve
26 Meltwater Road, Choteau, MT 59422

Phone: 406-466-5526
Fax: 406-466-5674

Nathan Birkeland, Rocky Mountain Front Land Steward

255 West Front Street, Missoula, MT 59802
Mail: P.O. Box 8316, Missoula, MT 59807

Phone: 406-543-6681
Fax: 406-721-2191

Jim Berkey, High Divide Headwaters Director, 406- 543-2751
Chris Bryant, Western Montana Land Protection Director, 406-532-4477
Helen Jenkins, Associate Director of Philanthropy, 406-532-4479
Alison James, Associate Director of Philanthropy, 406-532-4473
Eleanor Morris, Senior Policy Advisor & MT Initiatives, 406-728-9531

Northern Montana Prairies

Matador Ranch
4883 Ranch Road Dodson, MT 59524

Phone: 406-673-3344
Fax: 406-673-3341
Charlie Messerly, Matador Ranch Operations Manager, 406-673-3344
Jolynn Messerly, Matador Ranch Operations Administrator, 406-673-3344
Joe Fitzpatrick, Matador Ranch Hand, 406-673-3344

P.O. Box 107, Ovando, MT 59854

Steve Kloetzel, Western Montana Land Steward, 406-214-2036

Southwest Montana
Centennial Sandhills Preserve
22685 North Valley Road, Lima, MT 59739

Phone: 406-276-3275

Julie McLaughlin, High Divide Headwaters Land Steward/Preserve Manager

Schenectady, NY

Kim Doherty, Grants Specialist, 406-333-1378

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